Vision 900

Vision 900

Suggested Price: $75.00 / month

Vision 900 is for partners who share $75 or more per month.

Vision 900 partners receive:

  • An attractive Lapel Pin
  • Six teachings from Pastor Peter per year
  • Monthly ministry updates so you can see what your partnership accomplishes
  • Autographed hard-cover book “The Faith That Works” by Peter Youngren

Message from Peter Youngren

Dear Friend,

The VIP family is for people who care deeply about Christ and about the world around us. I'm glad that you are joining the VIP family. Your participation will bring hope to others and it will bless your life.

The VIP family is about relationship – we are linked together with Christ and with one another in prayer, purpose and commitment.

The VIP family is about love – God's love in our hearts causes us to see the immense value of every person.

The VIP family is about vision – that everyone must hear the gospel.

The VIP family is about ongoing commitment – to people, to Christian stewardship and to build our relationship.

Thank you!


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