Friendship Festival

Share The Gospel Face To Face With Thousands At A Time

World Impact Ministries prioritizes Friendship Festivals in regions with unreached people groups. Peter Youngren‘s preaching to non-Christian audiences focuses on God revealed in the flesh in Jesus, the cross, the resurrection, and Jesus’ present day ministry through the Holy Spirit. Amazing miracles are reported nightly, with a particularly powerful effect on those from a non-Christian background. Political leaders, mayors, governors, prime ministers, presidents, military commanders, etc. are reached.

This brings maximum effect for the Gospel. Friendship Dinners with various religious and political leaders are conducted 1-2 days before the Festival in the stadium begins. Peter shares the Gospel and answers questions. 3-4 day Training Seminars for pastors and leaders are conducted. The Gospel is presented uncompromisingly, in an attitude of friendship. The fundamental doctrines of Christ are shared in a way that can be understood cross-culturally. Crowds of up to 600,000 have gathered in one service.

Vision 2021 – Targeting Unreached Megacities Before 2021

More than 2 billion, 30% of the entire world, are essentially cut off from access to the Gospel. A few live in remote areas, but the vast majority of them live in megacities. Join Vision 2021 and give the Gospel to the unreached megacities where the Gospel light is do dim, that chances are slim or none that the people will ever hear what Jesus has done for them. Together we will make history for the Gospel… now!

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